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$10 for a one-page, single-space story, $2 for every extra page afterwards. Limit is 4 pages, since I rarely write that much as is. I need references, so send me links to other literary pieces, comics, or animations which feature the character you want me to write about. I would also accept a more vague or generic request for fiction if the focus is on a situation more than the actual characters and their history. 
I can also write short blurbs if you would desire it, around half a page for $2 each. Ideal for giving people an idea of a character or situation.
Poems are based on certain subjects/ideas and desired min/max lengths. Average price is $5, depending on what is requested. I tend to work in freestyle, though if a certain kind of poem is requested then I may accept after research and consideration. 

There is no form necessary for a writing commission, as I have to let you know if I feel able to take on the task or will be able to work with the source material prior to accepting the request. After we discuss what you want, I will  I refuse to write anything involving sexual acts or the details of them. I can and will write on published or not published material*, so long as your request is not featured in any sort of for-profit publication without my permission, or in .

*AKA Canon or Original characters

All payments will be made through PaypalContact me through the note system on DeviantArt, or over private message. If I accept your request, then we can start the transaction. Time of payment will be determined after the request has been accepted.

 Hi everyone! I would appreciate it if you could all spread the world and let everyone know! I currently have 1 commissions!

1. NotNights A story relating to Randy/Nomicon from rc9gn Finished!
2. Lancol a crossover featuring valentine of skullgirls and Maron from DBZ 



(Roll over for short explanations or genre types. Few pieces do not have a rollover. Short and long pieces are mixed together.)

  • Literature

  1. Action / Adventure / Fantasy
    Magician's Deal | A Fool's a Fool, No Matter What | Fools of Love | ((DS crossover w/RP chars)) | ((plus this)) | Chains of Apathy | Pastorale | Resident 209 | t.342 Your Mom | Escabaedia Apprenticeship 
  2. Emotional / Psychological (Sympathy, Reflective) 
    ((blurb))  | Obsession  | It Gets Worse | Goes Without Saying | Monster Monster | My Only Regret | 
  3. Sad
    Reunion  | I miss you | Behind Those Eyes | Regret | Pride and Nightmares 
  4. Torture / Violence
    To the Pain | ((Theme 002: A Death Scene)) | Nowhere to Run | Hold Me When I'm Scared | 
  5. Humor
    Accept it | ((Don't give the space nerds Pokeballs to reverse engineer)) | Fool Me Once | ((Fashion Police)) | The Apology | Kick It! |
  6. Fluff (romantic and platonic)
    I Promise You | ((Something Cute)) | Waltz Partners | ((what a dork)) | Each and Every 
  7. Experimental Prose (Things you don't see everyday in writing)
    Where you invest your love | Finished Business | Get Up and Dance | Ginkgo Tea | 
  8. Mixture
    Devotion | The Halo that Slipped | Silver Tarnishes Marionette Holding Hands (Redux) | 
  9. Other
    Letters  | An Exercise in Writing Straitjackets | ((The most mature content I will feel comfortable doing if you pay me a bit extra)) | 


  • Poetry 
  1. Samples (Mixed)
    A top never stops | Once I lived a dream | Behind Closed Doors | I am truly the black widow | Kiss of a Flower | The Golden Thread | "You Need Me" | Cradle the Pieces |
Melody-Hikari Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'm sort of open to them still, but since I still have one unfinished one I'm probably gonna be more selective about them, especially if I have to research a series to get an understanding of whatever. Thank you for asking/checking!
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