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>>Tumblr post: link

$5 for a one-page, single-space story, $1 for every extra page afterwards. Limit is 5 pages, since I rarely write that much as is. I need references, so send me links to other literary pieces, comics, or animations which feature the character you want me to write about. Or you could ask me to write a generic piece about a certain situation, and specify if it should be vague, generic, or if it's okay if I fill in the blanks with other characters.
I can also write short blurbs if you would desire it, around half a page each for $2 each. 

Poems are on certain subjects/ideas and desired min/max lengths. We can discuss prices for that.

No form necessary, as I have to let you know if I feel able to take on the task or will be able to work with the source material prior to accepting the request. I refuse to write anything involving sexual acts or the details of them. I can and will write on published or not published material*, so long as your request is not featured in any sort of publication without my permission.

All payments will be made through PaypalContact me through the note system on DeviantArt, or over private message. If I accept your request, then we can start the transaction. Time of payment will be determined after the request has been accepted.

 Hi everyone! I would appreciate it if you could all spread the world and let everyone know! I currently have 1 commissions!

1. NotNights A story relating to Randy/Nomicon from rc9gn   Finished!
2. Lancol a crossover featuring valentine of skullgirls and Maron from DBZ Art Progress Blk - Researching by IridescentStardust

3. FuriousFury A private project 

*AKA Canon or Original characters


(Roll over for short explanations or genre types. Few pieces do not have a rollover. Short and long pieces are mixed together.)

  • Literature

  1. Action / Adventure / Fantasy
    Magician's Deal | A Fool's a Fool, No Matter What | Fools of Love | ((DS crossover w/RP chars)) | ((plus this)) | Chains of Apathy | Pastorale | Resident 209 | t.342 Your Mom | Escabaedia Apprenticeship 
  2. Emotional / Psychological (Sympathy, Reflective) 
    ((blurb))  | Obsession  | It Gets Worse | Goes Without Saying | Monster Monster | My Only Regret | 
  3. Sad
    Reunion  | I miss you | Behind Those Eyes | Regret | Pride and Nightmares 
  4. Torture / Violence
    To the Pain | ((Theme 002: A Death Scene)) | Nowhere to Run | Hold Me When I'm Scared | 
  5. Humor
    Accept it | ((Don't give the space nerds Pokeballs to reverse engineer)) | Fool Me Once | ((Fashion Police)) | The Apology | Kick It! |
  6. Fluff (romantic and platonic)
    I Promise You | ((Something Cute)) | Waltz Partners | ((what a dork)) | Each and Every 
  7. Experimental Prose (Things you don't see everyday in writing)
    Where you invest your love | Finished Business | Get Up and Dance | Ginkgo Tea | 
  8. Mixture
    Devotion | The Halo that Slipped | Silver Tarnishes Marionette Holding Hands (Redux) | 
  9. Other
    Letters  | An Exercise in Writing Straitjackets | ((The most mature content I will feel comfortable doing if you pay me a bit extra)) | 


  • Poetry 
  1. Samples (Mixed)
    A top never stops |  Once I lived a dream | Behind Closed Doors | I am truly the black widow | Kiss of a Flower | The Golden Thread | "You Need Me" |  Cradle the Pieces |
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