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Store transferring has been relatively successful. Learning new things because before I was at a cafe store, and now it's a Drive Thru. Slightly more hectic mornings, but I'm finally starting to get the pace/flow of things and understand/use the proper lingo. I haven't yet gotten frustrated with customers in a more personal way like I had before, though I have had a few emotional breakdowns due to stress [one being today], but none nearly so bad that I dreaded going to work and having meltdowns like I did at my old store. I have significantly less stress now that I have far more time, and I've gotten over the "I'm not good, I'm never going to be good, I feel like I'm not getting it, that I'm never gonna be properly trained/versed in this" hump for the time being, until I wind up working a different time frame for whatever reason
I haven't tried to sell anything new on eBay in months because of aforementioned issues. And effort.
Alex gave up and went back home because job opportunities kept screwing him over in their offerings/availabilities and he hated that he was getting debt between me and his parents even though neither party requested/demanded repayment. My apartment is much cleaner now that there's only one person living in it again, and one person who isn't even energetic enough to make a mess anymore either. 
I got to decorate my store for Halloween. I did my old store last year too, but this year, even though I had far less decor, they all really liked and appreciated it. I feel slightly more noticed at this store than my last store as well. I'm still waiting for my hours to regularly be at 60 or more per paycheck, so that I can start saving up again.
Today was an absolutely awful day for me personally. Both physically and emotionally, but my work was fine until the last ten minutes, with the last hour building up to just snapping and shutting down.
I have had a toothache issue the last few days. Vicodin got rid of most of the pain but pressure did not lessen. Ibuprofen was doing nothing, and oral gel was a joke. However, I have tried vicodin + ibu for my most recent set of painkillers and it's been so effective that I almost think I've cured the pain. I hope to get on antibiotics or something for it tomorrow, and with much luck and money, I might be able to remove a curved molar that I've had issue with since high school but never could get fixed because of money/fear/issues.
I feel like I have 0 friends, for all those that I once talked to with any regularity and spoke of with confidence in our friendship, I have hardly any history to speak of since my major bout of Depression a few years back. And even then, I spoke with them more than I do now. Alex is the one unfortunate soul left to deal with me in personal interactions, though there is one other person that I am learning to communicate with, despite past annoyance with their personality at first. [They're a sweetie, really, just something about them annoyed me to no end when I would first start talking with them.]
I hate my situation, though it's worlds better than what my brothers had at my age, perhaps even enviable to them [ie they wish they had been in my stability/home situation by the time they were my age]. I can't actually confirm that, but I am rather certain it's an enviable prospect. Yet, I'm already tired of not being able to afford a quieter environment, a safer one, being unable to afford any luxuries or treats for myself with any regularity because I am constantly in a cycle of bills and stress about upcoming bills, and it just never ends. It never, ever ends. I wish it did though, because I envy those who are able to treat themselves to fast food once a week, maybe even twice a month. Who have the ability to afford healthier food. I've already gone on a rant on tumblr about how much I hate my life and all the things that I lack, or feel that I lack due to finances. But I will reiterate that I hate that I can only afford my own home and an unhealthy diet, and little else. Whatever else I have is meant to be saved for emergencies, not even for the occasional splurging, which unfortunately I still do because I am just so tired of not being able to spend on me and having to tell myself that I can't have so many things because I can't afford it or will not use it with any good frequency or immediacy. 

Overall, I have become a bitter, hopeless person, who lacks faith in past acquaintanceships, in good finances, and in a home that is ideal, though perhaps it is enough for what I can afford now in life, however much I hate what little of it I get to enjoy.

In other news, I finally downloaded Love Live, and while I don't care much for the story mode and characters just yet, I absolutely love the gameplay and the overly cute and shamelessly girl designs 


Melody-Hikari has started a donation pool!
5 / 12,000
I do commissions. If you want a more detailed post, please click here for information on written commissions, or here for drawing commissions.
:bulletgreen:$2 / 100 pts - Chibi sketch Currently not accepting
:bulletgreen:$8 - Sketch 1 person, +$1 per person, +$1~$2per creature, depending on difficulty
:bulletgreen: $10 colored, + $2 per person/creature.
:bulletblue:$2~$5 - A short poem on any subject
:bulletpurple:$10~$18 - A [short] story

If it's not listed, note me and we can talk.

:bulletred: Backgrounds are not charged, but are not guaranteed to be included in any drawing request.
:bulletred: I refuse to do any NSFW drawings.
:bulletgreen: I will accept creatures as drawing requests, depending on their difficulty.
:bulletblue:A short poem will be no more than two pages [by hand] and will be no less than a haiku. You are welcome to note me what you are looking for, and depending on what you want/are willing to pay, I will likely write up a few drafts and compare it to what you give me.
:bulletpurple: A short story will be no more than four pages, single space in Word and no less than one page, single space in Word (anything more is free). I will need examples of lines, maybe artwork, and anything that gives me an accurate sense of the personality for any character that you want me to write for (it is highly likely that I am not familiar with them).
:bulletblue::bulletpurple: I can also write original pieces on mostly anything that you desire-- if you want a piece about the sentimental value of a watch, or something about emotions, I can do that as well. I can write a variety of genre, so if you have a preference, please let me know.
:bulletblue::bulletpurple:Essentially, note me what you want to see a story or poem about, and we can talk. I love writing about things that I haven't seen around, and I love bouncing ideas off of another person. I will do my best to write something that you enjoy! If you are not satisfied with something in the story, let me know and I will revise it as best that I can!

You should also let me know that you want to commission me if you donate points, or else I will presume that it was simply a donation.

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AKA That Girl with the Boots
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Sarah | Boots | Melody | QBmun Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
\\ Writer | Poet | Photographer. //
24. English Lit. CPP. Graduated Spr 2013. Disgruntled barista. Sex-repulsed Asexual & Greyromantic.
εїз. 3DS. SarahBoots 3540-0081-7547
εїз. Ravenclaw, Rowan Wand with Unicorn Core, 11 and a half inches.
εїз. Orre, from Pallet ('98). Experienced Trainer. All Master Rank Contests. Pokeathlete. PokeStudios Star. Ranger. Explorer. You name it, I've done it. If not, I will someday.
εїз. Temperance Arcana with a Lovers Shadow.
Books, Writing, Pokemon, OUAT, Persona, Sailor Moon, Steam, Magical Girls, Fantasy, Video Games, Anime, Armor, Swords, Shields, Rock ♫, Friends, Dresses, Boots, Lions, Butterflies, Owls, Spiders

I work as a barista, I live in Las Vegas/Henderson area, I have one BA, and I spend too much time not playing video games or reading. I love music. I don't listen to it enough this past year, but if it's got lyrics that I can vibe with, or something I associate it with, then I'll like it. Usually rock/metal and OSTs. Books. I love books. All the books. Adventure books. Spiritual books. Comic books. Words. Just feed me words and give me a book you think I'll adore, and I'll adore the gesture for years to come. It might take me years to get to reading it (I've got a LONG list), but I'll get to it. eventually. i am also very fond of owls, lions, butterflies, and spiders.

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Drawing sketch
Phanpy playing with water by Melody-Hikari
t301. They'll never know by Melody-Hikari
Magolor pls by Melody-Hikari
Img 20131003 032341 by Melody-Hikari
Pencil sketch of a character of your choosing. Must include reference links to a character, or very detailed description of their appearance (links to styles they may wear is allowed)
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