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what the fuck even is with my page and the journals. how the fuck do i get it to remove the four journal because it looks crazy as fuck
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so I decided to go into my favorites folders, namely "Art for me" and "lance" 
these folders are so empty, what the hell! Did everyone delete their stuff?! and then half of what's in there is in STORAGE.
i dunno
if it's generic art that you do for you/because you want to then okay cool but I kind of am like '???? but you removed the thingy that was for me???'
some of the thingies that were for me seem to be gone :T
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It's pretty much copypasta from my Tumblr, but I'm surprised at how long it's been since I last updated it at all?????
(ps - broke my habit of "one journal a month because what is activity on here")
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tagged by a friend, not tagging anyone since lol no one's here

  1. Dream anime/fandom con? (Optional: Cosplaying as?)
    Uhhhh I don't know a lot about cons, but going to AX in 2009 as [a brunette] Matsumoto was pretty cool
    I also don't have anything that I would die to cosplay as so there's that.
  2. Favorite Pokemon from the Kalos (XY) region?
    all of them? all of them.
  3. Favorite artist that you are inspired from towards your artwork?
    no one :v;;;
  4. Favorite music genre that everyone hates?
    uhhhh I don't really know of any genres that "everyone" hates.
  5. Favorite magical girl?
    buhhhhhh Princess Tutu? 
  6. Okay related, but favorite fictional female figure that is not purposely sexualized by appearance or personality?
    uhhhh hahahahaha "female figure that is not purposely sexualized" ahahahahahhaha good one, people making non-sexual females in appearance
    (off the top of my head all I can think of is Cattie-Brie from TFR/Drizzt chronicles.)
  7. Do you roleplay? If yes, who is your muse (character you play as)?
    I usually roleplay, but lately not so much. Last standing muse was dis bitch
  8. If paid attention to J-Fashion, what style of fashion do you like? If original, can you name it and describe it?
    Uhhhhh nope i don't know anything about j-fashion. except the sweet and goth lolis. I like me some gothic stuff.
  9. Do you believe that your body or your sense of fashion can be a "blank canvas" that needs to be colored? 
  10. Stupid question: Pasta or pizza? 
  • Playing: heroes v: tribes of the east
  • Drinking: water
I bought ACNL off the eshop for $20. Probably not gonna go for ORAS though in november, least not new anyways. I might wait and see if persona q is gonna fall into the ATLUS bi-monthly sale that they have on the eshop [watch, they have none after pq hits].
in other news uhhhh
today is the one-year anniversary of working at starbucks. my sister ironically remembered this [since yeah okay she took me BUT I MEAN THAT'S A WEIRD THING TO REMEMBER] yesterday, which was sooner than i did. i only remembered because hey it's my review day and my review apparently is Not A Thing That Happens? as in, you don't sit down with the boss and go over what they wrote, typically. I seem to be the only person who cares about it? /shrugs
i am still living in las vegas in an apartment all by myself. i'm trying to convince my bff to move in with me, the one that I had out here in summer, but I don't think I'm doing so well at it 8T
I still have no social life and am still recovering from the Major Depression I went under in 2012, but at least I have more energy and vitality now than two years ago. Even a year ago. I still get issues with stomachaches and stress but I've kind of learned the general warning signs of it so it doesn't happen as much, plus I changed antacids so that helps.
I struggle a lot with worth still though and I feel that a lot of that has to be with feeling so alone and isolated, and lacking any social contact out of work. I've also reached the point where I will choose the most customer-less aspects of my job now instead of being always on register. though i still find a way to cheat/skimp on effort and be lazy ugh.  but register's pretty much become hated social interaction time instead of EASIEST POSITION EVER because of general populace stupidities and micromanaging drinks or being overly specific and needy about their damn drinks. :T Or just plain rudeness/talking down.

I still have not recovered what I want most out of my storage unit in CA. =n=

would it be safe to say that I struggle with anhedonia? I pretty much can't find interest in things 70% of the time, even shit that used to always hit 100%, like RPing or gaming or reading. which is why I feel like I'm still in recovery from my depression, in addition to having weeks of ups and downs in terms of how good I'm feeling and how worthless I consider myself and my existence. Which, again, I feel is because I base my worth on how much others need me and since I pretty much withdrew so bad in 2012 that I'm still trying to get back into the habit of talking to someone other than my bff every day [which is still significantly better than 2012, where I wouldn't even always be able to muster the heart to be able to talk, much less send a simple 'hi' to him]. but at least I'm getting back into gaming, and I've been watching anime too, so that shows a lot more improvement than before? 
I'm still on tumblr but not as often anymore because, again, feeling disconnected to all the people that drew me to its platform, even the thirty some people I met on there after

I also don't write as much anymore and I haven't written very much in the past year. I haven't even RPed as much, though I'm trying to get back into it, but it's very hard when I feel like my social meter is constantly at a 0 after work. Hell, even part of the way through work. And that's a very big thing for me since I used to never tire of social interaction and always wanted to be part of something and now instead of being a big giant Extrovert I feel like I'm slowly becoming an introvert
except that's not really how it works since, when I *do* talk to people that I *want* to talk to, I feel a lot better, but the last few days have just been plain 0 and under for socialness. which, I probably should just stop trying to force it and go and game in order to "recuperate", since, coincidentally, I've felt a strong urge to game in the same amount of time.

bluh bluh bluh i can't think of anything else. i guess ask me shit if you're curious for anything in particular to be updated on?
  • Playing: heroes v: tribes of the east
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Melody-Hikari has started a donation pool!
5 / 12,000
WELP I'm starting for next year already. I was only able to gift one sub since the llamatrade was opened.

I can also do commissions. :333 If you want a more detailed post, please click here
:bulletgreen:$1 / 75 pts - Chibi sketch
:bulletgreen:$4 / 350 pts - Sketch 1 person (+50 per person, +20~50 per creature, depending on difficulty)

currently not accepting drawing commissions
:bulletblue:$.50~ $3 / 50~275 pts - A short poem on any subject
:bulletpurple:$5~$10 / 400~1000 - A [short] story

If it's not listed, note me and we can talk.
:bulletblue:A short poem will be no more than two pages [by hand] and will be no less than a haiku. You are welcome to note me what you are looking for, and depending on what you want/are willing to pay, I will likely write up a few drafts and compare it to what you give me.
:bulletpurple: A short story will be no more than five pages single space in Word (anything more is bonus/free) and no less than two pages single space in Word. I will not do anything NSFW. I will not write any material that I am not comfortable with. I will need examples of lines, maybe artwork, and anything that gives me an accurate sense of the personality for any character that you want me to write for (if I am unfamiliar with them. It is highly likely that I am not familiar with them). I can also write original pieces on mostly anything that you desire-- if you want a piece about the sentimental value of a watch, or something about emotions, I can do that as well. I can write a variety of genre, so if you have a preference, please let me know.
:bulletpurple:Essentially, note me what you want to see a story about, and we can talk. I love writing about things that I haven't seen around, and I love bouncing ideas off of another person. I will do my best to write something that you enjoy! If you are not satisfied with something in the story, let me know and I will revise it as best that I can!

You should also let me know that you want to commission me, otherwise I'll accept it as free points. >o>

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what the fuck even is with my page and the journals. how the fuck do i get it to remove the four journal because it looks crazy as fuck
  • Mood: Mortified
  • Drinking: water


AKA That Girl with the Boots
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Sarah | Boots | Melody | QBmun Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
\\ Writer | Poet | Photographer. //
23. English Lit. CPP. Graduated Spr 2013. Disgruntled barista. Sex-repulsed Demi-greysexual & probably Greyromantic. Demisensual.
εїз. 3DS. SarahBoots 3540-0081-7547
εїз. Ravenclaw, Rowan Wand with Unicorn Core, 11 and a half inches.
εїз. Orre, from Pallet ('98). Experienced Trainer. All Master Rank Contests. Pokeathlete. PokeStudios Star. Ranger. Explorer. You name it, I've done it. If not, I will someday.
εїз. Temperance Arcana with a Lovers Shadow.
Books, Writing, Pokemon, OUAT, Persona, Sailor Moon, Steam, Magical Girls, Fantasy, Video Games, Anime, Armor, Swords, Shields, Rock ♫, Friends, Dresses, Boots, Lions, Butterflies, Owls, Spiders

I work as a barista, I live in Las Vegas/Henderson area, I have one BA, and I spend too much time not playing video games or reading. I love music. I don't listen to it enough this past year, but if it's got lyrics that I can vibe with, or something I associate it with, then I'll like it. Usually rock/metal and OSTs. Books. I love books. All the books. Adventure books. Spiritual books. Comic books. Words. Just feed me words and give me a book you think I'll adore, and I'll adore the gesture for years to come. It might take me years to get to reading it (I've got a LONG list), but I'll get to it. eventually. i am also very fond of owls, lions, butterflies, and spiders.

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